Tuesday, November 10, 2009

cloth diaper

I wish everything that was good for was affordable, disposable diapers just breaks my baby out.I havent try ed to make any yet, but if you are good with a needle this shows you how to make your own cloth diapers out of stuff you already own or can acquire cheap or free.



  1. i'm a grandmother trying to get FREE cloth diapers for my daughter. She is wishing to use cloth diapers, and i'm hoping that we can get into the free diaper give away,for the week. email:zechernan@yahoo.com or 3154089848. Thank-you Sincerely Nan

  2. My husband and I wanted to use Cloth diapers with our first baby girl but didnt. Im now 7 month pregnant with a baby boy and really want to cloth. It would be great to get some free cloth diapers to start us off. :)
    Kesiapaays11@gmail.com Thanks a bunch Kesia.

  3. Im a single mom of 2. My oldest (Ethan) is 17months old and my little one (Layla) is 3months old. Im on a limited income and all these disposable diapers are getting expensive. My son is in pull size 2t 3t pull ups. It makes him feel like such a big boy. I was tempted to use cloth on him as a baby but never needed too so i never did. But my daughter has extremely sensative skin and has a rash almost constantly with the cheaper brand diapers. I try to keep her in huggies since she is doing well on them. But they are getting expensive. I dont mind doing extra laundry with the cloth ones because i know theyre worth it. Hopefully you are able to give me a helping hand. My email is jazzymorris@hotmail.com
    Thank you for this opportunity
    Jasmin :D